Young Folk Moot

Welcome to The Young Folk Moot, an exclusive part of FolkEast for 11-18 year olds. Building on the foundations of the youth workshops at festivals past, The Young Folk Moot offers an exciting new addition to the FolkEast experience.


The Young Folk Moot is a collaboration of some of the country’s brightest young talents from across the folk arts who have come together to create an opportunity to expand the bounds of what ‘folk’ is for future generations. We are excited to be offering a dedicated space at FolkEast 2021 for young people to create, learn and socialise.

The experience is aimed at all 11-18 year olds: whether musicians, singers, artists, makers of things, avid listeners of music or none of the above, The Young Folk Moot project is simply about creating an exclusive space for like-minded young people where you will feel that you belong.

Through sessions, workshops, performances or just hanging out, The Young Folk Moot will provide the opportunity for you to add flavour to your experience of FolkEast and to make it a festival of your very own.

Folk music is all about tradition, and while we respect and celebrate that, the project is also about creating new traditions, about the bigger picture and about keeping step with a changing world. The Young Folk Moot aims to foster this vision by bringing together the young talent that will lead this future with those who will support and live it.

If you are aged 11-18 we’d love you to take part. Equality and diversity are enshrined in what we do: folk is not a type of music, it is whatever you want it to be. This is an opportunity for you to explore the next generation of folk music, dance and arts in a secure and safe environment.


The Young Folk Moot was pioneered by a few of the older folkies of FolkEast who have been working alongside young talented advocates from across the country to create a unique experience for FolkEast 2021.




Finn a performer, educator and producer specialising in English folk music. Together with his band he has competed national tours and released a debut album “Call To Mind” in 2019. After performing at FolkEast for six consecutive years, he is thrilled to be working on this new addition to the festival for 2021, bringing together some of the most exciting young folk artists in the region.






Georgia is a multi-instrumentalist and folk dancer from Lancashire. With her rapper side Oakenyouth, she has danced and given workshops at folk festivals across the country, including Sidmouth Folk Festival, Whitby Folk Week and FolkEast.







Our 2020 youth experience…

Despite not being able to launch The Young Folk Moot for real this year, we have put together a virtual experience to whet the appetite… Take a look at the following videos!


Finn Collinson & Friends… young folk artists aged 18-24.


Clog dancing LIVE at FolkEast

Rapper – ‘Dancing the Boro’ LIVE at FolkEast

Rapper in the FolkEast Halfway Inn!