From the outset of FolkEast we have strived to be as environmentally sound as we can be. In 2014 we were awarded the Suffolk Carbon Charter at silver level reflecting the work we had done so far, this included sourcing around 95% of the event infrastructure from within Suffolk, vastly reducing the potential road miles used to get kit on and off the site. This also has the added bonus of keeping the money in the local economy.

Since then we have achieved about 85-90% of all of the food and drink sold on site being Suffolk produced.

The free shuttle bus service between the site and Wickham Market station has seen a steady growth in demand allowing people from anywhere in the country the ability to get to and from Folk East by train, this has been made possible with a collaboration between FolkEast and the Suffolk Community Rail Partnership.

In 2017 our carbon charter was reaccredited at gold level and by using intelligent generators we now have reliable data about our on site power demands that enable us to continually work to reduce the generator sizes and subsequent fuel consumption.

Each year we increase the percentage of the site that is solar powered, in 2018 we powered the Soapbox stage, the woods and the Cinema tent thanks to the “Solar Decker”, a double decker bus fully converted as a solar generator.

In 2019 we asked every one on site to avoid using single use plastic. This had a dramatic effect on the amount of plastic we had to dispose of. We introduced the first free to use chilled water station in the arena and we intend to add another one in 2020.

We now have a dedicated Green team on site whose goal it is to improve our recycling to the best that it can be within Suffolk’s County Council’s recycling infrastructure.

You can help us achieve these goals:-

  • Use the train rather than the car
  • Car share
  • Take your rubbish home with you
  • Bring your own reusable food and drink containers
  • Reduce the amount of single use plastic you bring on site

Thank you for your support.