We all know that plastic has been a growing menace for years, but at last it seems to be getting the attention it needs to try and slow down the flow of it.

To this end FolkEast is asking every one who comes to the event this year, including traders, to avoid bringing drinks, including water, in plastic bottles onto the site.

All of the water standpipes on site are certified drinking water and we have these tested throughout the weekend. There will also be access to free chilled filtered water in the arena.

Can we ask you if possible to bring your own reusable drinking bottles and refill them from our water supply.

If you don’t have your own reusable drinking vessel there will be affordable reusable drinking bottles available to purchase on site.

We are asking staff, artists, traders and the public to try and limit the amount of plastic that is brought onto the site. We will still have the recycling bins but the more you can help the better for all of us.

Thank you.

FolkEast 2019