This information will be updated closer to the event to ensure that it adheres to the current COVID-19 government guidelines. Last update May 2021

Stewarding Information 2021

As long as the regulations in August allow, we fully intend to go ahead with FolkEast this year. We are moving forward cautiously as we cannot yet tell exactly what the situation will be by the end of August, even though the Government’s proposed date of 21st June for the full lifting of all restrictions is very hopeful. . We are working on the assumption that it is highly likely that there will be a new set of regulations in place for festivals and large gatherings in order for them to confidently proceed. With this in mind, we have drawn up an initial plan for a COVID secure FolkEast Festival based on Step 3 of the Government’s road map to be implemented in May and the information and guidelines that are available at the moment. We remain flexible and will adapt to the on-going situation as it unfolds.

FolkEast 2021 will be different to what you may have experienced before, but there will still be plenty of folkeastyness to enjoy! The safety of attendees, staff and artists is foremost in our planning. 2021 will be a “one off”, based on a reduced capacity audience and a new layout to accommodate social distancing measures if needs be.

The regulations for allowing ticketed events to go ahead and the criteria that we will have to comply with, may not be forthcoming until June when the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport share the results of their trial events in April and May. We continue to work closely with our local licensing authority, East Suffolk Council and the Safety Advisory Group to make sure we can run safely.

Therefore it is possible that the following terms and conditions may need to change as this happens.

NB  – We do have to be prepared for the worst scenario should it all go the other way between now and August, and the possibility that FolkEast could end up being postponed once again. This could be for COVID reasons or alternatively, if new regulations placed on our event licence are prohibitively expensive, it may be unviable for us to go ahead at reduced capacity. Fingers crossed this will not be the case.

The details of our initial plan for the site can be found on the FolkEast website using the following link: https:

Important things to note are:

  • Face coverings may still be mandatory to wear when moving around the site and for staff on duty
  • It is really important to the event that all attendees continue to follow the Government guidelines on social distancing and to take responsibility for their own and others safety as required in August. We will not know exactly what the situation will be until closer to the event.
  • Please be aware that Government regulations for August may include attendees to provide proof of vaccination or a recent negative test.
  • We will make sure that everyone is kept updated with the latest requirements.
  • We are asking all artists, crew and audience alike not to attend should they show symptoms of COVID 19, if they have tested positive or if they have been contacted by the official Track and Trace team up to, and including, 10 days prior to the event. If you develop symptoms, please alert the people with whom you have had close contact over the last 48 hours who might be attending the live concert.
  • In the lead up to the festival, please let Sue, the Steward Coordinator at  know as soon as possible if you have any of the above apply to you as soon as possible.

Click on the following boxes for Hours and Duties, Terms and  Conditions  and any Other Information you might need.

Hours & Duties


  • This year we are asking for a whole weekend commitment of at least 3 days to prevent unnecessary comings and goings onsite.
  • Stewards are required to do a daily shift of approximately 4 hours.  Please note, you can only gain access to the festival on the days you are volunteering.
  • Most Steward positions are paired. This year we are intending to keep stewards working with their friends and partners as far as possible to reduce social contacts.
  • You will need a certain level of physical fitness as you are likely to be on your feet for the majority of the time you are on duty. Come prepared for all weather conditions ie wear suitable footwear, warm/waterproof clothing and provide your own umbrellas, suntan lotion, sun hats, water bottles, flasks etc.
  • Volunteers will be working in teams under the guidance of a Team Facilitator. The Volunteer Coordinator, experienced volunteers and the Security Team will also fully support you in your role.
  • There will be an important pre-festival briefing that this year will be sent out to you in the form of a video. It is vital that you spend time watching this before you arrive.
  • There will also be team briefings onsite on the Thursday. Your Team Facilitators will explain what your roles entail and give you a tour of relevant places on the site. We will also provide you with a Volunteer information pack. If it is not possible for you to attend on that day, we will schedule an alternative briefing for you. It is essential that you receive this training before commencing your duties.
  • If there are events that you would like to attend, you will have the opportunity to let us know in advance. We will try and organise the rotas to facilitate this. We try our best to meet your requests but no guarantees can be made.
  • Volunteers working as part of the Set Up and Break Down Folk need to commit to a minimum of 4 days working before or after the festival weekend. These will be full working days and meals will be provided. These volunteers may then enjoy the festival from Friday to Sunday without further shifts, or work on another team during the Festival if they wish.
  • Please note that to work on this team, you will need to be physically fit, practical, resourceful, reliable and prepared to work outside in all weathers. Ideally, we would love you to commit to the entire set up and take down period in order to maximise the knowledge you will have accrued.


  • When the rotas have been prepared, you will be notified of the time of your first duty. Please note rotas may be subject to change.
  • The Steward’s Tent usually provides a place to meet, catch up and chill with other stewards with tea, coffee and toast etc. available throughout the day. We’re not sure yet exactly how we will need to manage this facility this year. It may well need to be an open air, socially distanced affair.


Vital Terms & Conditions!


  • You must be at least 18 years old on your first day of availability.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you can legally volunteer as this could affect your immigration status. Those with Refugee or ‘exceptional leave to remain’ status plus their family members are eligible but you cannot legally volunteer if you are on a Visitor or Student Visitor Asylum seekers do not legally have the right to volunteer.
  • You will need to present photo ID on arrival at the Festival when checking in as a volunteer. There may be additional requirements this year. We are awaiting guidance from the government as to what precautions we will be required to take.
  • Our volunteers are the first point of contact for our Festival goers and should conduct themselves in a professional manner. We want to create the best experience possible for everyone involved, which means always being vigilant and conscious of health & safety requirements, Happy, Helpful and Polite to visitors, contributors, fellow volunteers and all other Folk.
  • All volunteers must attend a briefing before their first shift and sign to say they have received and read a copy of the Stewards’ Handbook. This should be read thoroughly as it contains vital safety information.
  • Your priority as a volunteer is to help us run the Festival in a safe and controlled manner. We ask you to take pride in your duties, be available for your shifts and work the hours allocated to you. If you fail to honour your volunteering commitments without a valid reason, your access pass may be cancelled and future applications turned down.
  • You must make us aware of any medical conditions/difficulties that may restrict the duties that you can perform. We will try and accommodate this if at all possible. Unfortunately, our site at Glemham Hall is on uneven ground which is not easily manageable for people with restricted mobility.
  • Please include an emergency contact on the application form. This will only be used in the event of a medical or similar emergency during the event. If you’re taken ill, we may need to contact someone to come and collect you etc.
  • You will be required to report to the Stewards’ desk 15 minutes before each shift to clarify your duty allocation and to allow time for you to reach your post.
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking whilst on duty is not permitted at any time. Nor must you be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance when on duty.
  • Children under 12 should not be with you whilst you are on duty. It is your responsibility to ensure your children are adequately supervised over the weekend.
  • ID lanyards and high vis jackets will be provided and must be worn visibly whilst on duty.
Other Information


  • The Festival site address is Glemham Hall, Little Glemham, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 0BT
  • The closest train station is Wickham Market. A shuttle bus service is available from the station to the Festival site.
  • Free Camping will be available for Volunteers. You will be able to camp in the volunteers camping area in a tent, caravan or campervan. If you have other people who are not vounteering in your party, you will need to use the public camping area. The Stewards’ campsite can be accessed from 8am on the Thursday morning.
  • Set Up Folk can access the campsite from 8 am on the Monday morning or between 6 – 8pm on the Sunday evening by arrangement.
  • The public campsite opens from 3pm on the Thursday and closes at midday on the Monday. The main festival Arena is open from 6pm on Thursday evening for weekend campers and closes on Monday at 1 am.
  • Free car parking is available for volunteers who are not camping.
  • There will be a wide variety of food on sale at reasonable prices on the Festival site from 6pm on Thursday. Some traders offer discounts to stewards.