Topette!! PromoB&W1

The Anglo – French quintet are back, with a new album, a UK tour and festival gigs, rolled over from 2020. After nearly two years apart, the band got back together in November and wasted no time, recording Bourdon in just five days. This bold album is full of the excitement and joy of these five inventive musicians, finally getting to play again, after the long, unwelcome hiatus.

Look out for the release of Bourdon in April, the UK tour in June, and definitely try to catch one of their legendary festival dance / bal / concert sets.

Andy Cutting – diatonic accordion & melodeon
Julien Cartonnet – French cornemuse (bagpipes) & banjo
James Delarre – violin & viola
Tania Buisse – bodhrán
Barn Stradling – acoustic bass guitar

“Rhododendron is one of those rare instrumental – and dance-oriented – albums which gives virtually equal proportions of cerebral and visceral pleasure. Seriously recommended.”   David Kidman, Folk Radio UK.