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The Art Arcade

Once again the East coast’s finest artists and craftspeople proffer their wares, accompanied by demonstrations and workshops a plenty.

FoodEast Food Village

Local food producers come together to put their unique twist on festival dining.

Street Food Market

Serving not only great plates of food but at amazing prices.


A fantastic selection of local beers and ciders all at £3 pint

Available from any of the three Eastfolk pubs, The Hop inn, The Cobbold Arms and The Half Way Inn , the smallest pub in the world ( unless you know different )


‘The imaGINe Bar’

Back by popular demand… stocking Adnams locally distilled award winning gins, partnered with Folkingtons artisan tonic/mixers and Folkie inspired cocktails, served by our very own enGINeers – follow the enGINeers on twitter @theimaGINebar, facebook & instagram


Arriving under it’s own steam will be the only surviving Garret built steam tractor (The Joker) .

Their will be black smithing, traditional Long bow workshops, bread baking, boat building , Sutton Hoo and  Sae Wyfling

The Electric Kinodrome

 Our cinema is equipped with the latest in celluloid technology with Projectionist Mr Jim Cecell winding the cogs.


Join us every morning for yoga in the Dance tent or visit the well being corner to refresh you chakaras and your dancing feet


FolkEast is a fully fledged family friendly festival with much to do for children of all ages including den building, animations workshops, saturday afternoon sports day, very small folk play area and the mud kitchen.

Gardeners Cornered

Eastfolks annual version of Gardeners Question time hosted by Stephen Coghill, head of horticulture at Kings Collage Cambridge, panellists to be announced.

And don’t forget, this year “Eastfolk in Bloom” returns

Major prizes for best floral displays


Now in it’s fourth year, this makers festival is growing in both participants and reputation and attracting the countries finest instrument makers.

It has become a magnet for both audience and artists alike.

Last but not east.

Music, song and dance

From the Sunset stage, The Soapbox stage, Broadroots stage, the Moot Hall, Eastfolk Village hall, dance tent, outside Morris  Dance stage and finally the Sanctuary stage Eastfolk Minster (on site)

Sculptors, ale makers , gin distilllers, horticulturalists, allotmenteers, experts in fungi and flowers.

Celebrating all folk

Not just the music