As long as the regulations in August allow, we fully intend to go ahead with FolkEast this year.

However, we continue to move forward, cautiously.

None of us can tell exactly what the situation will be, even though the Government’s proposed date of 21st June for the full lifting of all restrictions gives us much hope.

Whatever is announced in June, we are working on the assumption that it is highly likely that there will be a new set of regulations in place for festivals and large gatherings in order for them to confidently proceed.

With this in mind, we have drawn up an initial plan for a COVID secure FolkEast Festival based on Step 3 of the Government’s road map to be implemented in May and the information and with the guidelines that are available at the moment.

FolkEast remains flexible and will adapt to the on-going situation as it unfolds so that we can come together again, confidently in a safe environment, to enjoy first class music in good company.

The 2021 festival will be different but there will still be plenty of folkeastyness to enjoy!

Please take a look at 2021- Our Plan before you purchase your tickets so that you are aware of what FolkEast 2021 has in store for this, the No-vid year.

We hope to see you there x


FolkEast received unprecedented support  throughout 2020. Thanks to the generosity of the FolkEast 2021 and Beyond  Crowdfunders, East Suffolk County Council and the DCMS Culture Recovery Fund we have been able to continue our work. Virtually Folkeast was our way of exploring how to create a Covid secure event and the experience is helping us to develop the festival for this year.