Thank you to everyone who sang, danced, laughed, ate, drank, slept, worked and played. What a beautiful weekend we had. We look forward to seeing all you next year.

17th, 18th and 19th August 2018

Read all about this years festival  Spiral Earth  and The Rock Club

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Thank you to The Guardian Festival Guide  for putting us in the 10 Best Folk, Roots, World and Acoustic festivals to enjoy in 2017


FolkEast feels more like a very English village fete than a festival, with the good humour and unpretentiousness of its patrons, the Young’uns, the guiding vibe.

The Guardian

“One of the best world music, roots and folk festivals in the UK for 2016.”

Imogen Tilden, The Guardian

“The organisers of FolkEast deserve big praise for putting together one of the quirkiest, most enjoyable festival sites and programmes of the year..”

Johnny Whalley, FRUK

“There was nothing to top FolkEast. Suffused with good vibrations, quirky, charming, and possessed of a joie de vivre that even Sunday’s rain couldn’t dampen, this was a festival that got almost everything right.”

Jeremy Searle, R2 Magazine

“FolkEast is more than just a festival – it’s out to nourish our roots … to restore bridges with the past… and make them truly accessible for the future”

East Anglian Daily Times, Suffolk Magazine

“It feels like something that has been here since the Middle Ages”

Mim MacMahon, FolkCast


“One of my very, very favourite festivals”         “Can’t wait – I love this festival” 

         Eliza Carthy                                                   Sam Carter

 “FolkEast has become one of those amazing, unique festivals” 

John Spiers

On the 17th May ,  Print to the People took on their biggest challenge yet – to print the FolkEast Poster with a 10 tonne steam roller at the official 2017 Festival Launch held at The Longshop in Leiston.

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