Sunday 23rd August 2020 – the LIVE stream and your support

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for our LIVE concert that we streamed LIVE on Sunday 23rd August.

It was a huge learning curve for the team and , although we were disappointed with the technical glitches in the first hour, we are proud to have been able to stream a live event , in front of a live audience, from the paddock.

We had some amazing pre-recorded contributions from artists and promoters, concerts and workshops. Sadly, some of these got missed as we had to pull the live stream at one point. However, everything is available to view on the website  pages and on our You Tube Channel  … please do have a look.

We will also be adding them to our social media pages over the coming weeks.

The Virtually FolkEast LIVE , live stream

In the paddock , we brought technicians, crew and artists together in a mini- COVID secure festival .

We are not big and flashy , we tried something simple and uncomplicated and it worked.

The audience of 200 felt safe in the environment  created and were so determined to enjoy live music and support the artists they love , they danced through the rain clouds with a smile on their face.

Our live stream had glitches, but we are proud to be the first to live stream an online festival in front of a 200 strong live audience and with real live weather.

It was spontaneous, heartwarming and surprising and we were all in it together.

We provided paid work  for a small group of our technicians, stage crew, suppliers, artists – the first work some had had for five months – and there was an audience, some of whom stayed or camped in the local area.

FolkEast is a small, family run organisation, determined  to continue to be innovative and creative in order to bring live music back into our communities , to enjoy together, in person.

Please help us to support everyone involved in putting on Virtually FolkEast.

All contributors received the  same nominal fee with artists and backstage team equal in every way.

The donations made to the Crowdfunder will be shared between  them all.

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