Why Blaxhall?

The Blaxhall Sessions came about as a result of several conversations in the Ship Inn between Alan (Alan Bearman Music) and JMP (FolkEast) about the local folk heritage , with the pub being very much at the heart of it all.These small, intimate gigs are special for  artists and audience alike  and truly memorable evenings have been made.

Dating back from the present to 1700, the Ship Inn at Blaxhall in Suffolk has enjoyed a continuous history as a lively social centre in the true tradition of the English village pub.

The Blaxhall Ship is featured in many local tales and songs and in the George Ewart Evans  book about rural life  – ‘Ask the fellows who cut the Hay’. The survival of the traditions of Fellowship, Lively Conversation and Music, Singing and Dancing at any time and any place, is almost unique in East Anglia . Today the Ship still hosts a regular Monday afternoon session and various monthly evening sessions as well as annually holding the Chorus Cup, The Percy Webb memorial trophy and their three day Midsummer Folk Festival.

In 1955 the BBC shot a short film in The Ship, “Here’s A Health To The Barley Mow”  www.eafa.org.uk/catalogue/5

In 1953 Alan Lomax and Peter Kennedy recorded “Singing at the Ship Inn”

For more information please visit the Blaxhall Ship Inn website.

The Blaxhall Ship is looking forward to opening its doors once more for food and drinks inside from May 17th. Please do contact them if you would like to book a table between Sessions… we can highly  recommend!