The Squash Court Gallery

FolkEast is not just about the music. The East has much to offer the art world and we aim to bring the best of  folk together to showcase their work and to form new collaborations.

Standing  to the right of the hall is the coach house with it’s bell tower and  old squash court. Left as a store room for many decades, the court has been cleared and provides a perfect exhibition space and a place to reflect and ponder.


Our 2016 exhibition contributors

Liza Ademczewski has been artist in residence for folk east for two years now and it is a developing role she has taken great pleasure in.

Liza trained at Camberwell School of Art and the Royal College of Art and  now lives and works full time in Suffolk as an artist.

She Recently she set up at her coastguard cottage in Sizewell, as a space to show hers and other artists work in a domestic environment.
Her new venture has led her into collaboration with Tina Hannay both artistically and conceptually. She has commissioned poetry to be performed there and has started an annual summer show.

Each year, as artist in residence for Folk East she has chosen a local folk tale and has adapted it into a topical and presently relevant subject.

“ I like to use folk art as a means of communication because it is so intrenched in our visual language that it needs no explanation. there is usually a folk art medium that makes itself obviously appropriate to me the moment I start thinking about a new subject. This years theme is The Hairy Man of Orford a tale of immigration gone horribly wrong. As well as producing a painted tryptic along this theme I have collaborated with Tina Hannay to produce a piece that will help the audience to participate and become the “other” or the outsider with a pinch of humour”

FE16 JH Day 3 08


Tina Hannay is presently taking a fine art degree at Norwich University and undertook her work experience in relation to her degree at it was obvious from the start that this was going to be something other than a short bit of work experi

Prior to studying for her degree she worked as a ceramic artist producing fine tile panels that were commissioned by clients world wide.
FE16 JH Day 3 10

Stephen Wolfenden was asked to contribute to this exhibition because we felt his Orford Ness photographs where just a perfect fit with the subject matter under examination this year. Also they added another dimension to the show helping the subject matter connect with the present.

He has been a photographer for over 50 years now and has photographed Folk East many times. His new publication Glimpses will be on display in the gallery alongside the exhibition and shows his work over his 50 year career.



FE16 JH Day 3 09