Sandlings Sessions – Programme

Friday 2 February  –  7pm for 7.30pm in the Britten Studio.  Boldwood lead us in to the festival with a joyful and festive dance, called by Dave Shepherd.

Saturday 3 February  –  10am – 5pm . Workshops In the Hoffman and the Britten Pears. A wide range of workshops to suit all abilities and tastes with, Boldwood, The Young’uns, Rob Harbron, Miranda Rutter, Sam Sweeney, John Spiers, John Ward, Anna Pack, Becky Price and Dave Shepherd. Brian Lever will also be running Ukulele Workshops for beginners through out the day . Please scroll down to see the amazing workshops on offer

Evening Concert. 7pm for 7.30pm. A concert bringing together  the artists of the day and where Peter Knight will join John Spiers for a special performance ahead of  their 2018 tour.

Sunday 4 February –  Meet at the Maltings where the weekend will conclude with a Walk along the Sailors Path  – more details to follow, but bring your walking boots!

As well as programmed activity, there will be time and space for impromptu sessions, Snape’s Trask cafe will be open for food throughout the day along with the FolkEast bar.

SATURDAY MORNING 3rd February 2018

10.00 am – 11.20 am 

European Couple Dancing with Dave Shepherd & Boldwood .  Scottish, polka, mazurka and waltz. All abilities. DANCE.

Arranging Traditional Tunes As A Group  with John Spiers  . All abilities.  ANY INSTRUMENT

3/2 Hornpipes with  Sam Sweeney  & Rob Harbron .   Looking at ways to make these great old tunes groove. Some tunes explored will have lots of notes! Intermediate to advanced.  ANY INSTRUMENT .

Vibrations, Ergonomics & Tone  with Miranda Rutter . Exploring a simple method that can help manage nerves, help to find a more sustainable posture while playing to alleviate pain and results in great tone improvement. All abilities. ANY INSTRUMENT

Songwriting with The Young’uns .  All abilities

SATURDAY MORNING 11.40 am - 1.00 pm

11.40 am – 1.00pm

Harmony Singing with The Young’uns.  All abilities. VOICE.

Bodhran with  John Ward .  Covering the basics, learning a basic reel rhythm, triplet rolls, left hand dynamics and onto a simple jig rhythm. The workshop will conclude with a demonstration of advanced techniques. (Please note bodhrans are not included ). All abilities . BODHRAN

Fiddle Style of the French Massif with  Dave Shepherd.   An introduction .Intermediate to advanced. FIDDLE.

 From Page to Performance with Miranda Rutter, Sam Sweeney,  Rob Harbron . Looking at manuscripts – techniques to brush the dust off old tunes and bring them to life. All abilities. ANY INSTRUMENT.

Playing for Dance with Boldwood. Bringing the tunes to life.  All abilities.  ANY INSTRUMENT.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON 2.00pm - 3.20pm

2.00pm – 3.20 pm

Dances from Brittany with Dave Shepherd + Anna Pack . An introduction to dances from Brittany – android, gavotte, laridé, pach-pi, jilgodden. All abilities. DANCE.

Harmony Singing  with The Young’uns. All abilities. VOICE

Songwriting with John Ward. Suitable for those who want to get started and for those who have already written but are looking to develop their ideas and methods.  All abilities.

French Dance Music with Becky Price.  All abilities.  ACCORDION.

A fiddle workshop that can be tailored to all participants with Sam Sweeney. Intermediate to Advanced. FIDDLE

SATURDAY AFTERNOON 3.40pm - 5.00 pm

3.40pm – 5.00 pm

Singaround All abilities. VOICE

Tunes from the Boldwood Dancing Master with Boldwood. Learn 18th century dance tunes rediscovered and published in two volumes of Boldwood Dancing Masters. These tunes were originally published in annual collections including on fans or written by hand.Intermediate to Advanced.MELODY INSTRUMENTS.

Pulse Swing and Groove with Miranda Rutter . Exploring simple techniques to make tunes rhythmically stable and from this grounding, looking at ways to make simple tunes dance, swing, groove. All abilities. ANY INSTRUMENT

Concertina with Rob Harbron . A concertina workshop that can be tailored to all participants. All abilities.  CONCERTINA Open to all systems

Step Dance Tunes with John Spiers. All abilities. ANY INSTRUMENT