Sandlings Sessions – People


Becky Price – accordion
Daniel Wolverson – fiddle, viola
Matthew Coatsworth – fiddle, viola, English concertina
Kate Moran – fiddle, viola

Back in 18th century England, the worlds of folk and classical music happily co-existed and inspired each other to produce rich and fascinating instrumental music. This glorious period in our musical history provides Boldwood with the core of its repertoire. Much of Boldwood’s material is taken from little-known publications and hand-written manuscripts, all of which could end up sounding rather dry and academic. Boldwood, however, is anything but, being described by Blast from the Past as ‘the most exciting band playing English music at the moment’.


Rob Harbron –  English Concertina , multi instrumentalist, composer and producer

Rob  is a member of Leveret (alongside Sam Sweeney and Andy Cutting), with whom he has toured extensively and released three landmark albums. He is also known for his work with Emma Reid, Jon Boden and the Remnant Kings, and The Full English, and recently composed, recorded and toured Sam Sweeney’s acclaimed Made in the Great War show. The various strands of Rob’s work as a musician come together in his approach to folk music pedagogy, and he is widely considered to be a leading tutor and educator.


Peter Knight – violin

Peter  is a skilled practitioner who conjures and crafts aural images as well as contrasting soundscapes. His years of experience crossing boundaries , from his early years at the Royal Academy to international stages the world over with Steeleye Span , means his music falls beyond categorisation and narrow thinking and boils down to a philosophy that allows for questing, enquiry and partnership whilst constantly pushing boundaries.  We are delighted that Peter will be joining with John Spiers  for the evening concert , as a special warm-up gig before their much anticipated 2018 March Tour.


Miranda Rutter  – viola

Miranda took up the fiddle at 5 but soon had her ambitions set on playing the viola. She was a member of Pro Corda, a youth string quartet course, during her early teens but on meeting folk music in her late teens, became enchanted.   Her desire to make folk music through the voice of the string quartet came to fruition on meeting and playing with John Dipper, Emma Reid and Lucy Deakin at various summer schools, and subsequently, Methera was born! She has performed with the English Acoustic Collective and Morris Offspring in ‘On English Ground’ and with Chris Wood in his ‘Listening to the River’. She has taught on Newcastle University’s Folk Music degree course, at Folkworks’ Fiddles on Fire Festival and led a youth music project in Somerset.


Sam Sweeney – Violin

Voted Musician Of The Year at the BBC Folk Awards 2015, Sam has one of the most impressive CVs on the folk scene, and he is still in his twenties. He has been playing violin since he was six and is now a highly respected multi-instrumentalist, most notably with the multi award winning Bellowhead . He is one of the key players in the current resurgence of English instrumental music and has been appointed the inaugural Artistic Director of the National Youth Folk Ensemble. Sam has also recorded and toured with Leveret, The Full English, Eliza Carthy, Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings, Fay Hield & The Hurricane Party as well his own critically acclaimed show Made In The Great War.

John Spiers

John Spiers – melodeon

John, known better in folk circles as Squeezy, has made a name for himself as one of the leading squeezebox players of his generation. He has always written tunes and music for the melodeon in the  traditional style .  Renowned for his  his contribution to Bellowhead and his  partnership with Jon  Boden , he joins  with Peter Knight at Snape as part of the Sandlings Evening Concert, Knight and Spiers.



Dave Shepherd

Dave Shepherd – violin

Dave is well known as the fiddle player in Blowzabella and has a vast repertoire of dances and fiddle music from England and western Europe and ,over the years,  has developed a distinctive style.  He  grew up with traditional music and dance in his native Yorkshire and took  up the fiddle when he was 12 after his family moved to London. He initially played for  morris and country dancing but later discovered the various European fiddle traditions which led him to see English music and dance in a different light. Several of Dave’s compositions have become standards both here and in Europe. He is well known as a teacher of traditional dance and fiddle in the UK and abroad. 


Anna Pack

Anna Pack – diatonic button accordion

Anna Pack discovered her love of English and European traditional dancing as a result of attending one of the many workshop weekends organised by Blowzabella in the 1980s and has been a regular attendee at folk festivals and dance events in the UK and France ever since. It was at the St Chartier festival in central France one year that she decided to take up the diatonic button accordion in order to play dance music. She is also an accomplished player of the recorder, in which she holds an ABRSM diploma, and has performed and recorded with professional early music group Musica Donum Dei.


John Ward

John Ward – Bodhran, guitar

John Ward turned to folk and acoustic music in the mid 1980s and, by 1988, had become a full-time songwriter and musician on the folk and roots music scene. From his self-taught musical roots, John has earned a reputation as an excellent and versatile guitarist and his explosive bodhran playing has drawn much attention ,  his workshops  highly recommended. Born and raised in Suffolk, many of his songs are inspired by his local area.


Becky Price

Becky Price – accordion

Becky originally trained as a classical pianist but was always involved in the folk music scene through her morris-dancing parents. She took up the accordion seriously while studying for a music degree & now has 15 years’ experience of playing, composing, arranging, performing & recording. Her fun, relaxed approach, supported by a firm grounding in traditional music genres as well as classical training & theory has proved popular  at workshops throughout the UK & abroad. She performs at Sandlings with Boldwood.