FolkEast 2016 Reviews

Unpretentious fun in the Suffolk countryside – Blowzabella and Sam Kelly contributed energetic headline sets to a low-key festival that is thriving under the irreverent guidance of the Young’uns. Imogen Tilden, The Guardian August 2016

At only five years old, FolkEast – in the 300-acre grounds of Glemham Hall – punches above its weight, with six stages (including one run entirely by solar power from a double-decker bus) and visits by many of folk’s great and good, including Eliza Carthy and the Wayward Band, John Spiers, Belinda O’Hooley and Heidi Tidow, and Rura. A new dedicated dance venue will host daily ceilidhs and workshops, and you’ve only got a few weeks to place your bets as to which colour – or with what – the totemic tree (the dead oak in the middle of the Glemham Hall Estate) will be dressed this year. The Guardian May 2016

FolkEast 2015 Reviews

A video montage of the, “FolkEast Festival 2015” recorded by Cristina and Barry Burns of BoMoJo Productions, August 2015. Three days of folk, roots and acoustic music, street theatre, dance, workshops, vintage, arts & more at Glemham Hall Estate, Suffolk.

A time-lapse video by Stopped Clock Imaging (website) featuring music from Black Jackal MusicStopped Clock Imaging (Facebook) specialise in professional dynamic motion controlled timelapse photography using the latest in state of the art motion control equipment to capture a vast variety of dynamic scenes. From sunrise to sunset, busy city traffic, the movement of people or clouds rushing across a blue sky, basically if it moves it can be time-lapsed! Using skills honed through years of field experience in a variety of varied locations from music festivals to busy inner city streets we can provide dynamic and beautiful shots to tell your story be it for television or web. August 2015

‘It feels like something that has been here since the Middle Ages’  Mim MacMahon FolkCaster August 2015

Quoting Neil Innes on folk in an article about FolkEast ‘We are very lucky. We live in a very special moment, the one between the past and the future where the two meet, again and again and againEast Anglian Daily Times Suffolk Magazine August 2015

All about the tree dressed in the colour purple East Anglian Daily Times August 2015

The Guardian: MUSIC FESTIVAL LISTINGS 2015: A Summer Guide to the UK and Europe’s Best’ The Guardian June 2015 

A few days ago, I was asked to define ‘Folk’. It was a rhetorical question, but it goes to the heart of Folk East’s purpose, or re-purposing, of the annual jamboree that is the summer music festival…’ Folk Radio UK May 2015

FolkEast has become well-known in Suffolk for its magical atmosphere…’ Visit Suffolk May 2015

FolkEast 2014 Reviews

A video montage of the, “FolkEast Festival 2014” recorded by Cristina and Barry Burns of BoMoJo Productions, August 2014. Three days of folk, roots and acoustic music, street theatre, dance, workshops, vintage, arts & more at Glemham Hall, Suffolk.

A half moon hung low in the sky over the fields of Eastfolk tonight as, with a heavy heart, I left my lover and returned home.
For three days and nights she had teased me, thrilled me, enthralled and entertained me. She shared with me her finest food, introduced me to her precious friends. We sang, we ate, we drank, we laughed… oh how we laughed.
But leave her I must. And though that saddens me, I leave with precious memories and new found friends. She is a zephyr which I and other like minded souls must care for and nurture. For she is a precious thing.
I hope next harvest tide that she will return, and that once again we can laugh and sing and remember what it is to be alive, not just living.  Tony Bell Photography  17 August 2014

Future Radio : preview of FolkEast 2014 Special Acousticandeclectic13thJuly14.mp3

“…in many ways the organisers Becky and John Marshall-Potter have ‘made’ the summer in Suffolk for literally generations…” Essential Suffolk July 2014

FolkEast Festival celebrates launch at Glemham Hall” Andrew Hirst for East Anglian Daily Times and Ipswich Star June 2014

Legend has it that every August people would gather around the tiny hamlet of EastfolkGrapevine Live June 2014

More than just a festivalIn Suffolk June 2014

Best Folk and World Music Festivals of 2014 “Fresh and fun folk-festThe Guardian June 2014

Suffolk’s Top 50 list revealed. “Annual events including Ipswich Music Day, FolkEast and the Suffolk Walking Festival have made the cut, but the Latitude Festival has not.” BBC News, Suffolk March 2014

Where should we go for a day out? We list the ultimate 50 things to do in Suffolk this summer.” EADT24 March 2014

FolkEast 2013 Reviews

A video montage of the, “FolkEast Festival of Folk and World Music 2013” recorded by Cristina and Barry Burns of BoMoJo Productions, August 2013.

Yes, it is a music festival, with folk music at its core, but be careful how you interpret “folk music”, and there was a lot more going on besides music” by Tony Bell Grapevine Live September 2013

Arriving on the Sunday, I immediately grasped the true sense of festival community and felt the friendly atmosphere that so many people had commented on during interviews“ by Meg Burrows, a reader of Grapevine Live September 2013

“Stately home gears up for new FolkEast Festival this weekend”  Spiral Earth August 2013

FolkEast is one of two Choice of the Month’s Live Events – An impressive line-up 
– fROOTS July 2013

 “Festival brew bears Cobbold name”
EADT24  July 2013

“Ale Mary – The Beer of FolkEast”
Spiral Earth July 2013

Recommended as one of “5 Festivals to try”
– Country Living Magazine  UK July 2013

Fresh-faced folk-fest Best Folk and World Festival Listings 2013
– The Guardian, May 2013

The friendly Suffolk folk festival
 TimeOut London, June 2013

Tradition is a word that crops up a lot when you talk about folk music, for obvious reasons, but John is keen that FolkEast draws not just on musical traditions but also incorporates local history, arts, crafts and other things that make Suffolk special.
– Sheena Easton, EADT24, April 2013

We East Anglians look on and smile, bombast and bragging simply aren’t our style, we know what a treasure we have here and we are content with keeping it quiet.
– Spiral EarthApril 2013

You get a feeling about things sometimes and I don’t think it was just reminiscing about the Albion Fairs, but I have to say that FolkEast ‘feels’ right.  Maybe 2013 is the year for you to get that FolkEast feeling too, ’cause in ten years time I reckon you’ll wish you’d been there from the start.
– Grapevine Live – April 2013

Folk heroes unite for music festival –  EADT24, April 2013

FolkEast have a new home for 2013 – The Living Tradition, February 2013

New home for FolkEast Festival – EADT24, December 2012

FolkEast festival moves from Somerleyton to Glemham – BBC Online, November 2012

FolkEast 2012 Reviews

Leading singer-song writers, world musicians and weird and wonderful acts greeted festival-goers for three days of fun from Friday through till Sunday.
EADT24 Photo Gallery, August 2012

 I would recommend this festival to people of all ages and you don’t need to be a devoted folk-ster to enjoy the wonderful music and attractions on offer!
– Grapevine Live, August 2012