Knight & Spiers

FolkEast at  Glemham Hall, Little Glemham, Woodbridge IP13OBT

Knight & Spiers Festive Concert

Thursday 5th December

7.30pm   (Doors open at 7pm carriages at 10pm )

All Tickets £16

Tickets available HERE 

FolkEast are delighted to welcome Knight and Spiers back to their county of origin for  a rather special house concert at Glemham Hall,  to celebrate the beginning of the festive season with mulled wine and mince pies a plenty and music to warm the soul.

They came together  at FolkEast in 2016 for a one off performance and have continued to play as a duo,  quickly gaining the reputation as one of the most intriguing and exciting collaborations on today’s folk scene.

The pairing of violin and melodeon is not a new one, but in the hands of Knight and Spiers, improvisation and invention meet the listener at every turn. Together they have created a musical document that resonates with history, but also something that should inspire future generations of musicians to engage with Britain’s folk dancing heritage, and the beautiful, mysterious tunes that can be found within that heritage. This very special concert will feature lesser known carols, tunes and wassails from the English tradition and beyond.

These uniquely gifted musicians make a sublime pairing, and create a live performance to be remembered for a long time.

“There can be no doubting that both performers are amongst the most, if not the most, talented of their peers. I was probably not the only person to leave the venue in awe at having witnessed something very special.”


“Knight’s playing is a revelation. A world away from folky fiddling, it’s fully informed by the classical style, all long sweeping bow strokes and eloquent legato. Yet he never loses the essential folk heart of the music, tracing a graceful line of his own making”


“John’s elegant, rhythmic and virtuoso playing and easy-going banter is a quiet triumph!”