Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band

“There is so much intelligence at play in these greatest hits… The audience don’t want it to end. And it shouldn’t end. This should be a show we can always have – ripping the roof off a marquee at the end of festivals. Because when Eliza Carthy is at her best there’s no one better. And this is Eliza Carthy at her best.”

FRoots, Live Review

EC Wayward Band


The Wayward Live Band

Sam Sweeney (Bellowhead)

David Delarre (Mawkin)

Barn Stradling (Soe’za, Blowzabella, Kings of Calicutt)

Saul Rose (Whapweasel, Edward II, Waterson:Carthy, Kings of Callicut)

Beth Porter (Eliza Carthy Band, Reg Meuross)

Lucy Farrell (Emily Portman Trio)

Willy Molleson (Peatbog Faeries, Kith & Kin)

Andrew Waite (Tyde)

Laurence Hunt (Pram, Modified Toy Orchestra, Dreams of Tall Buildings)

Nick Malcolm (Moonlight Saving Time)

Adrien “Yen-Yen” Toulouse (Fanfare Gonzo)

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