Daily Line-up ( so far )

THURSDAY 15th August

Thursday evening events are for Weekend Ticket holders only. From 6pm to midnight part of the festival arena will open. Mat Bayfield will be hosting the Weekend Warm-up in the Moot Hall and Stumpy Oak will be ceilidh-ing in the Dance Tent. Food, ale and the return of the Thursday night quiz.

A time to catch up with old friends.

FRIDAY 16th August


14.00 23.00 open air

Daphne’s Flight

Siobhan Miller Band

Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson Trio

Karine Polwart Trio


Granny’s Attic

Grant Baynham


Blair Dunlop

The Good Lovelies


midday to midnight & beyond

Tabloid Capers & Bored Sheets (daily 12pm)

Banco  .  Open Mic hosted by Meg Burrows  .  Noah Evans  .  Kadie Heaney

How to Save the Planet: Gareth Dalglish, Councillor Hardacre, Ipswich Youth Climate Strike.

Izzie Derry  .  Phoebe Webb

Words & Verses (daily 7pm) feat: A.N.G, Allanah Jo-Ann Peck, Lottie Hicks, Leo George

Jason Hall  .  The Pancakes  .  Belinda Gillett  .  Hot Raisin  .  Tabernacle Dusk  .  The King Driscolls

After Hours (daily at midnight) feat: Ells Bells Ukulele jam. Bring your ukulele & voices to join in on the jam. Words & chords provided.

SATURDAY 17th August


13.00 –  23.00 open air

State of the Union

John Smith

The Good Lovelies

Sharon Shannon & her Band

Cara Dillon & Friends


All About the Voice: a workshop with Daphne’s Flight, The Good Lovelies, Melrose Quartet

Peter Bellamy Concert featuring Greg Russell, Laura Beth Salter, Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne & The Aldeburgh Young Musicians

Melrose Quartet

Adrian Nation

State of the Union

Blackbeard’s Tea Party


9.00am to midnight & beyond

Kids Club with Jon Wright (daily 9am)

Jason Hall  .  More Cowbell Workshop  .   Hannah Rebekah

Tabloid Capers & Bored Sheets (daily 12pm)

Tabernacle Dusk  .   Open Mic (daily 2pm) hosted by Jack Pout  .  Mythopoeic .  Danny Whitehouse

How to Make a Jellyfish: Workshop with Amy SoapBox, tix £10 each, limited numbers.

Tom Conway

Words & Verses (daily 7pm) feat: Beth Calverley, Matt Annis, Dan Clark

Joe G  .  Lucy Grubb  .  Paul Gillings  .  Sally Army  .  False Colours  .  Elly Tree

After Hours (daily at midnight) feat: The Pookajee Players

SUNDAY 18th August


12.30 –  23.00 open air

Eastfolk festival big band


Bob Fox  & Billy Mitchell


Hope & Social

Richard Thompson ( solo acoustic)


The Pitman Poets

Katherine Priddy

Patch & the Giant

Jez Lowe




9.00am to midnight & beyond

Kids Club with Jon Wright (daily 9am)

Poetree Walks with Bards Aloud

Thomas Swarman  .  Kids Open Mic hosted by Sam De Mierre  .  The Pookajee Players

Tabloid Capers & Bored Sheets (daily 12pm)

Dusky Sunday  .  Open Mic (daily 2pm) hosted by Thom Knave

SoapBox Jellyfish Parade 

Tasha Robertson  .  The Bloomfield Family Band

How to be An Artist: Angelle Joesph aka A.N.G., Robert Pacitti, & Amy SoapBox.

The Decibel Kid DJ  .  Nebula Sun

The Electrosonic Poetry Experiment. New collaborations with poets & musicians. Feat: Suffolk Soul Singers (choir), Beard FX, The Decibel Kid, JP Lodge, and more. Poets: Matt Annis, A.N.G., Amy SoapBox, Allanah Jo-Ann Peck, Bards Aloud, Bea Poetry, Dan Clark. 

Stookey Blue Trio  .  Tilly Moses

After Hours jam session with Andi Hopgood

With plenty more to come on the Broadroots, Dance and Sanctuary Stages and  a little bit of fun in the Eastfolk Village Hall.

To Include : The Spinners Legends , The Rogue Shanty Chorus,  John Ward Band,  Tin River, Tilly Moses, Emily May Winters, Finn Collinson, Banter, Xim, Foot Down , The Blow-ins, Cela ( Georgian Choir), Miniature Universe& New Roots Winners young performers.