2017 Morris

Anstey Morris

Anstey Morris are a men’s Cotswolds side from just outside Leicester. Whilst it’s clear that there’s a tremendous amount of man-love between them and they’re more than capable of putting on a good show (with their repertoire of energetic handkerchief, hand-clapping and pickaxe-handled stick dances); they also claim to be the best-looking Morris team in the Midlands – with an average age of around 30. However, it’s understood that they recently won an award for being the UK’s biggest liars! They are proudly sponsored by the Leicester-based Everards Brewery.


Chelmsford Morris Ladies

The women of Chelmsford Morris have been practising since 1979, and hope to get it right some time soon. Their dances are from Lancashire and Cheshire, and they wear clogs in the hope of drowning out the music.  Along with quality dancing, fun is a priority, from top (big smiles) to bottom (rainbow-stripe socks).  Do come and say Hello!


Crooked Moon

Crooked Moon is an Appalachian clogging team based in Brighton. We’re a dynamic dance team aiming to incorporate traditional styles and steps with contemporary choreography. The team has performed at many festivals and events across the country and dance to a great live band playing traditional old time music.




Danegeld is a mixed North West Morris team based in Bredfield, Suffolk. We’ve enjoyed many years of dance at home and abroad, and are looking forward to loads more years yet! Lots of our members have been with us for aaaaages, but we’ve also had some recent newcomers and always welcome new people wanting to help us keep this tradition alive.  Practice night is Tuesday 8.00 – 10.00 p.m. at Bredfield Village Hall, near Woodbridge, IP13 6AX.  For more info check out our website www.danegeld.org.uk or contact us by email: info@danegeld.org.uk or Tel. Linda on 07970 957992 or Dixine on 01394 384737.


Green Dragon Morris

A family orientated Border Morris Side based in Bury St Edmunds. Formed in 1993 as a mixed female/male Side, we have a repertoire of Border and other stick dances, some our own and others learnt from the many Sides we meet in our travels. We Dance Out between May Day and the end of September at Folk Festivals and Pubs around the South and East of England.



Oakenyouth are a rapper side from Oakenhoof Folk Arts in Littleborough, Lancashire. Although they are a relatively new side, they have developed their own dance, and style, from various figures previously learned. They won the Dancing England Rapper Tournament Youth section in 2016.  However, they felt the need to crawl around the pubs of DERT 2017 in Kendal, as an adult side in the open category.  They won the Open, the best newcomers, and the Sword Dance Union prize for best second dance style. They are energetic, keen and enthusiastic, and love to dance at the drop of a hat.


Pretty Grim 2017

Pretty Grim is a Welsh Border Morris side, based at Blaxhall. We have been dancing for 17 years and have supported FolkEast from the start. We pride ourselves on sharing our enjoyment of dancing and playing music with audiences and any unsuspecting passers-by. Just look out for the purple haze…


Treacle Miners 

The Treacleminer Benevolence Archive Group (T-BAG) discovered that a 19th century Suffolk treacle miner brought the Welsh border tradition to Suffolk after following a seam of treacle all the way to Shropshire. The TMM revival side is in its first year and is honoured to have been invited to FolkEast.



Westrefelda  a mixed Cotswold Morris team from Westerfield in Suffolk. Our dances generally originate from the Cotswold area of England but we never say no to the odd contemporary dance that we might come across on our travels! We love to dance and we hope our performances inspire you to give Morris dancing a try!